Pranjal Dahiya danced on the song Balam Thanedar Chaleve Gypsy, Sapna Choudhary also spread

Pranjal Dahiya million people in India Crush Well. People love Pranjal Dahiya so much that whenever any song of Pranjal is released it goes viral on the same day. Pranjal Dahiya is a resident of Faridabad. She is seen making a lot of noise with her songs these days. Besides your dance and song Pranjal Dahiya She also remains in the discussion about her photos and videos. Besides, Pranjal has glamorous appearance She also remains in the discussion for Apart from all this, Pranjal Dahiya is seen giving Haryanvi dancer Sapna Chaudhary a huge competition with her performance these days.

Pranjal Dahiya danced to Haryanvi Song Gypsy

Pranjal Dahiya which Instagram that popular Digital content creator Yep, that’s your little one on Instagram Instagram rolls The video went viral. After going viral, Pranjal got a chance to showcase her acting in many Haryanvi songs. A few days ago one of his Haryanvi songs “Mera” was released.Balam SHO Chaleve GypsyPeople like this song a lot. to this song GD Kaur She sings in her very melodious voice and right now this song is quite popular on social media. People are making and sharing many videos of this song every day and it is becoming more and more viral. This reel video recently appeared in which Pranjal Dahiya She does a great dance to her own song.

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Pranjal Dahiya debuted in a pink tracksuit with black glasses

in this video Pink Pranjal Dahiya Tracksuit with dark glasses placing your a gypsy Harianvi song But she dances. A few girls behind them dance along with them in harmony. Everyone finds this dance very interesting. People love to watch this dance video of Pranjal again and again. His dance won people’s hearts. Everyone is losing their heart after watching this dance video of theirs and they are having a lot of fun with this video and social media But everyone tries to copy his dance steps.

Pranjal Dahiya is from Haryana

Pranjal Dahiya was born on 5 May 2001 in Sonipat, Haryana. Pranjal Dahiya’s father name is Shashi Dahiya who was a civil servant by profession. On the other hand, if we talk about Pranjal’s mother, then she was a housewife. Pranjal Dahiya’s mother passed away in 2021. It is said that his mother’s age was 50-60 years at that time.

Tucker also gives Sapna Choudhary

These days Pranjal Dahiya is spotted in tough competition from Haryanvi dancer Sapna Chaudhary. Every Pranjal song becomes a super hit as soon as it is released. Pranjal Dahiya’s fan count is more than Sapna Choudhary’s fan count. If you also love Pranjal Dahiya, share this post by clicking on it.

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Pranjal Dahiya Dance on Haryanvi Song GYPSY
Pranjal Dahiya danced on the song Balam Thanedar Chaleve Gypsy, Sapna Choudhary also spread

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