Proven strategies to build writing and improved literacy skills in your child

Learning at elementary schools is a critical period for students to learn to be good writers and enhance their literacy skills. The children are expected to keep pace with the class to read and write as they are interrelated in a child’s future career development.

Writing can be termed as a necessary form of communication. However, in the advanced tech world, children are losing interest to spare more time to develop these skills. There are some tips to improve a child’s motivation towards writing to excel in their academics.



A regular session of reading is the primary key to become a better writer. The more you read, the more you will gain knowledge and will understand the words, and will know how to frame these words to form a good sentence.

Start reading early so that you acquire a better knowledge of vocabulary and develop strong writing skills.

Build up your vocabulary

Learn a new word every day and do not go for a literal dictionary word. Acquire knowledge of essential words with their meanings. Add up new words daily and try to use them all over the day to become acquainted with using them in the future.


Construct sentences from the new words learned and form these sentences in the paragraph. The Best primary schools in Pune teach children to write sentences to connect developing a paragraph, which is essential to becoming a good writer.

Make a secret notebook or write a daily diary

Understanding that our feelings and thinking are most important and are critical attributes in writing. Parents can gift their child, a secret book that is not to be read by anyone, to express their feelings in a more novice way. This practice will induce them in writing and will help them to develop to share their expressions freely.


Daily diary writing is a proven way to help you to become a good writer and later a good orator.


Induce a habit to write letters

Writing letters is a lost art, and we have forgotten to write letters to our distant friends and family members. Writing letters is a great tip to improve writing skills for new-age kids.


Writing a journal is also a good idea to build up your vocabulary. Plan an outing with your child and inspire your child to write what they see and feel. This exercise will stimulate their brain to become excellent innovative writers.

Connect a child’s interest with reading and writing

Research for the child’s favorite books and their likings. The topics which interest them most will be easier to write. Make your child write a fantasy story about their favorite cartoon character or let them create an account of their family to help them make innovative writers.


Writing is a practical life skill that requires a lot of time and exercise to be developed. Once mastered, this can help improve the literacy skills needed for a successful career of a child.