PUBG: While reading training, the teacher lured the student into the trap of beauty, read the full news

PUBG: A teacher was killed in Ayodhya on June 1. The teacher was pregnant. The police suspect that the husband killed his wife. For a month, the police participated in the investigation. Even after hours of questioning, no evidence could be found. Police traced the 12th student to the T-shirt seen on CCTV. Afterwards, the police were also surprised by what was revealed.

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The teacher had a relationship with a minor student from the 12th grade
A police investigation found that the teacher had a relationship with a minor student studying in class 12. The two met three years ago through the game PUBG. The two talked and understood each other. Two months ago, the teacher had delivered the T-shirt from Flipkart to a student who lived 20 meters from her mother’s home.
The student felt intimidated, the teacher pressured to make a connection

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The relationship between the teacher and the minor girl lasted two years. After that, there was no conversation between the two on the phone, but both of them were talking and messaging each other through the PUBG game. The minor was afraid of this relationship, but the teacher pushed him to have a relationship with him.

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According to the information, on May 31 (the day before the murder), the minor asked the teacher to end this relationship. He pleaded and cried in front of the teacher, but the teacher told him not to, saying that he had pictures and videos of private moments with him.

The relationship ended forever in 22 minutes, it went to jail
The disciple then left, promising to come the next day. He came and killed the teacher with a knife in just 22 minutes. When the husband and mother, who had gone to the bank on some business, returned, the teacher was lying on the ground covered in blood. The husband took the teacher and immediately took him to the hospital, where the murder became clear. DIG AP Singh said that in Ayodhya police have arrested a boy for killing his teacher. He was recognized on CCTV footage and his T-shirt was used to capture him.

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