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Movie – Elevation: The Reservation
Director, screenwriter – Sanjiv Jaiswal
Starring Anirud Dave, Aditiya Om, Garima Kapoor
Where to watch – Baba Play Baba Play

Quota Reservation

People say that the days at the college are memorable, can anyone ask us, the Dalit students? The film Kota: The Reserve shows how it fulfills this question. How deep and firm are the roots of caste discrimination, its pain is known to a society that eats away at the flames of disgusting thinking about high and low from birth to death. Kota, produced, directed and written by Sanjiv Jaiswal, reflects this fire. This is the story of Saurab Rawat. Who dreams of becoming a doctor and getting an admission to the most prestigious college in the city away from his parents.

On the first day of college, he reached the campus of the house after bowing from his hostel room. Where high school students are concerned about the fact that, on the basis of a reservation, their place is being taken away and given to the students. Saurab Rawat was made to realize on the first day that he had the stain to be removed. When Saurab opposes this, he is wounded to shatter his dream of becoming a doctor with every step of Dalit, high and low, politics. This movie shows this painful story. Sandjiev Jaiswal has preserved the same facts in his writings that the public is aware of.

Quota Reservation

The history of the partners of the society, the disgusting truth about the caste system, does not stop being published in the newspapers in the form of single news every day. In such a situation, nothing new is felt while watching the movie. The whole story is like a street game. There are many spices in the script, such as revolution, anger, resentment, protest, love, pain, action, painful climax, but its taste does not reach your throat. Even the flames of the reserve fire cannot reach you. Anirud Dave did justice to the role of Saurab Rawat. Apart from him, all the other colleagues seem harsh in their payments. This film, although serious, does not allow pressure on the forehead. The script seems to be fully seated. There is a lack of experience in directing. Dialogues also seem helpless to add strength to the story. There is only one song at the end of the movie.

Why watch – You can watch this movie to see how the reality of caste discrimination is ruining a student’s life. Kota discusses the issue of caste and is dedicated to spreading the thoughts of Baba Saheb.

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