Rakhi Sawant was beaten by her boyfriend Adil in the middle of the road, full news

Mumbai: Adil Kick on Rakhi Sawant’s Ass Rakhi Sawant, popularly known as the Controversy Queen, continues to make headlines. His video also keeps coming on social media. But in every video she is seen leading some kind of controversy. Recently he announced that he will be dating a man named Adil Khan after which his fans are waiting for marriage. Meanwhile, a video of Rakhi Sawant is going wildly viral on social media. Every day Rakhi is spotted having a lot of fun with the paparazzi as soon as she leaves the house. She was seen doing something similar this time too but this time Rakhi went a bit heavy to have fun with her friend.

Adil Kick on Rakhi Sawant’s Ass Rakhi Sawant was spotted by paparazzi with her boyfriend. During this, Rakhi appeared in a very fun mood and the actress suddenly started demanding kisses from her boyfriend. Adil also enjoyed himself in such a situation. Jokingly, Adil bent his leg and hit Rakhi’s back with his knee. It is clear from Rakhi’s expression that she was feeling very noisy. In such a situation, netizens say that this time Rakhi has a lot of time to have fun with Adil.

This video of Rakhi and Adil having fun is going viral on social media. Let us tell you that while Rakhi is known for her cool style, Adil is seen in a very shy and shy style with Rakhi. Adil and Rakhi couple is very much liked by their fans and fans also like their videos a lot.

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