Rakhi Sawant’s heart has come to these men before Adil, now she will marry again

Rakhi Sawant: Bollywood’s entertainment queen and famous dancer actress Rakhi Sawant continues to make headlines every day. Rakhi Sawant is called the drama queen. (Rakhi Sawant) In the 15th season of the controversial TV reality show Bigg Boss, Rakhi entered with her husband Ritesh and everyone was quite surprised that Rakhi got married and she kept this thing a secret. But then this information became known to everyone , Rakhi was seen performing with her husband Ritesh and the two got separated from each other only after the show ended. Rakhi then got into a relationship with Adil Durrani.

Earlier, Adil Rakhi Sawant was a married woman. She opened up about her marriage in ‘Bigg Boss 14’ and in ‘Bigg Boss 15’ she brought Ritesh as her husband. Rakhi Sawant’s press conference had made a lot of headlines. When he was doing weird things on live TV with YouTuber Deepak Kalal.

Not only this, Rakhi Sawant is a swayamvar in 2009. Rakhi was also engaged to NRI Ilesh Parunjwala after which they both got separated. On Rakhi’s birthday, Mika Singh caught her and kissed her fiercely. After which Rakhi went very viral.

A video of Rakhi Sawant’s latest media interaction has surfaced. In which she shows off her love bite while talking to the media. Seeing the scar on Rakhi’s neck, the paparazzi said – have you been bitten by insects? In response, Rakhi shows a love bite and says yes, she was bitten by a very big insect. Rakhi then points to Adil and says that too has been bitten by a very big insect.

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