Review and evaluation of the film Heropanti 2: Amazing action of Tiger Shrof, but the story is unbearable | Review of Heropanti 2: This breathtaking story is based on the style and great action of Tiger Shrof


Laila (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) is an international criminal who cheats billions of trillions of rupees by hacking into the accounts of all banks in India. He developed an application called Pulse to commit this digital crime. He uses the help of Bablu (Tiger Shroff), who is the best in the world of hacking in this thug.

Together with Laila, Bablu performs this scam very easily. They both become special to each other. Laila Inaya’s sister (Tara Sutaria) falls in love with Bubble. But there is a twist in the story when Bubble meets a woman (Amrita Singh) who is the victim of his hacking. She unknowingly exposes her pain to Bubble and tells how her life was ruined after all her money disappeared from the bank. This incident changed Bablu and he started working with the Intelligence Bureau of India and vowed to destroy Laila. At the same time, Laila vows to eliminate Bubble as soon as she learns the truth.


There is no doubt that no one can compete with Tiger Schroff in the Hindi film industry in terms of action. But he is weak in expression. If seen, Tiger is a full-fledged director. The good director gets the best out of Tiger, as he did in the war. But here the director’s focus was only on the action sequence. Amrita Singh, who became the mother of the Tiger, got a very important role, but apart from a few scenes, her body language also looks boring. Why Tara Sutaria’s character was in the movie, this thing will stay in your mind even after the movie is over. Navazudin Sidiki has tried his best to play the main villain, but his character is also very weak.


Ahmed Khan has previously done Baaghi 2 and Baaghi 3 with Tiger. All three films are made on a large budget, where the action and locations are shot on a very large scale. But all three films are very weak in terms of history and direction.

As a director, Ahmed Khan does not seem to focus on making the character strong or on the script. Some series of the film are very boring, which seems to have nothing to do with logic, even remotely. Earlier, Tiger Schroff also made an action film like “War”, where the director got the best out of Tiger. But Ahmed Khan failed here. Strong actors like Nawazuddin Siddiqui have also been spotted missing in history. To make it an action film on a large scale, the director used cars, trains, houses of magic. But I wish a little attention was paid to writing as well.

technical side

The only strength of the film is its action series. Although there is not much novelty in this, but Tiger manages to do very well with action choreography. Kabir Lal’s camera work is average. He failed to raise the level of history with his camera. At the same time, the dialogues written by Rajat Arora are also good. Some of the dialogues between Tiger and Nawaz are funny. Editing Rameshwar S Bhagat is missing in many scenes. The editing is very weak, especially in the first half of the film.


The music of the film is composed by AR Rahman, which can be considered his weakest album so far. There are four songs in the film and four do not match the story. These songs may sound good to listen to, but the songs in the film look different, different attitudes, and the scene ahead unfolds differently. The music of the film is disappointing.

I see or I don’t see

If you are a fan of Tiger Schroff, then a much better option is to watch his previous movies one more time. The Tiger’s action sequences save Heropanti 2 to some extent, but the story of the film is so breathless that nothing works. 1.5 stars for “Heropanti 2” from Filmibeat.

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