Review and evaluation of the film Runway 34: Ajay Devgn’s film flies high in the technical department, but loses control in content | Review of the movie Runway 34: Ajay Devgn’s movie rises high in technical country and adventure


“I never forget things, I have a photographic memory …” Captain Vikrant Hanna (Ajay Devgan) said over the phone, promising her daughter to go home for her birthday. He spent the night partying with friends and was assigned a flight from Dubai to Cochin (Skyline 777) the next day. He is accompanied by his co-pilot Tanya (Rakul Priit). What began as a routine journey becomes a terrifying dream when he has to face extremely bad weather. The lives of the passengers on this flight, flying at an altitude of 35,000 feet, are in danger. At such moments, contrary to Tanya’s suggestion, Vikrant not only changed the alternate destination of the flight, but also sent a “Mayday” message just before landing. Although Vikrant manages to land the flight safely despite bad weather, poor visibility and lack of fuel, he is still on the dock. How the investigation in this case is an important part of the story.

Let me tell you that the word “Mayday” is used under the terminology of air or sea traffic management. This word is used by the pilot when he realizes that his life and that of the passengers are in danger.


Ajay Devgan looks good in the image of the pilot Vikrant Hanna. Although he is gorgeous, there is a pause in his character, which the actor did well. Although it cannot be considered one of his best performances. Rakul Priit Singh was given a lot of opportunities to show emotion in the film and the actress did not leave a stone unturned here. Amitabh Bachchan has a limited role, but adds weight to the story with his play. I wish the image of a talented actor like him was written a little harder. The scenes between Ajay Devgn and Amitabh Bachchan in the courtroom do not leave much impression. Boman Irani, Akansha Singh and Angira Dhar have almost no chance to show their performances.


After the 2016 film Shivaay, Ajay Devgan took over directing again. It would not be wrong to say that this is the best of his films. “Runway 34” attracts attention with its first scene. The first half of the film is very strong. All the things that happen on the plane in the air create excitement in you as well. Some moments are captured in such a way that when your heart beats faster. The film is based on real events, so you can connect more with the story. But the film becomes weak once it enters the dramatic area of ​​the courtroom. With the exception of some dialogue between Ajay Devgn and Amitabh Bachchan, there is not much in the second half. More drama and layer had to be added to the rehearsals. The film also fails to answer some important questions.

technical side

Giving information in his interview, Ajay Devgan said that he worked very hard on a technical level in this film and also used many such techniques that are new to the Hindi film industry. However, watching the film, Ajay Devgan’s words seem to be true. Technically, the film is quite strong. The camera work of Aseem Bajaj is strong. The special flight inside and the scenes after takeoff are quite exciting and keep you hooked. Editing Dharmendra Sharma is good.


“The Fall Song”, sung by Jasleen Royal in Runway 34, and “Mitra Re” by Arijit Singh … are the only two songs that relate to the story and the situation. It has been noticed that Ajay Devgn avoids adding unnecessary songs to the film and this works in favor of the film.

I see or I don’t see

This investigative thriller by Ajay Devgan is very strong in the first half. Each scene in the film creates a thrill. But once the courtroom drama begins in the second half, the film becomes very slow. Writing is weak in some parts. However, as a director, Ajay Devgan has left no gap in the technical side of Runway 34, like his previous films. The film can be seen once in the theater. 3 stars for ‘Runway 34’ from Filmibeat.

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