Review of Operation Romeo: This thriller film about the moral police is based on good performance and intent | Review of Operation Romeo: Romantic thriller on an important topic, strong performance

History makes you think

What is special about the film is that it managed to create tension. When Aditya and Neha go on a date, from the very beginning you have an idea that something will happen to them now … You know that their every move leads them to an accident, but you are still afraid for them. You want to know how they would react in this situation.

The film talks about many issues at once

The director maintains this tension during the first half of the film. Based on the original story of Ratish Ravi and written by Arshad Sayed, Operation Romeo not only talks about the moral police, but also about the “male ego”, an important part of the film. When Neha and Aditya free themselves from the clutches of the police, the first question he asks is “What did he do to you? I need to know as a man …” This is where the confusion in the film’s message begins.

The story changes in the second part

On the one hand, the director wants to educate and inspire the audience by introducing the issue of moral policing, while giving the form of a thriller love story. In several scenes in the first half, he shows how dangerous the world is still for women. But the duality of Aditi’s character adds other issues such as patriarchy, feminism to the film. Then the story moves away from the original message.

The strengths are his artists

Also, what was a Malayalam film was a story about a small town, when a producer-director combines issues like moral police with a metropolis like Mumbai, the story expects a little more maturity.

The strong point of the film is its actors. In his first film starring, Siddhant Gupta revealed that he is a talented actor. The director gave the best arch to his character and Siddhant played the role with extreme sincerity. Vedica’s screen time is much less, but it looks comfortable on the screen. The presence of Bhumika Chawla looks good. On the other hand, Sharad Kelkar and Kishor Kadam are so ingrained in their characters that you will not be able to live without hating them.

3 stars

How a journey changes lives … This genre was created in the past as Anushka Sharma’s NH-10. Operation Romeo begins in this direction, the film also binds you strongly, but somewhere it gets confused in conveying the right message. 3 stars for “Operation Romeo” by Filmibeat.

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