Review of the film Radhe Shyam: A spectacular romantic saga of Prabhas and Pooja Hegde with absolutely boring content | Review of Radhe Shyam: The Magnificent Romantic Story of Prabhas and Pooja Hegde is Absolutely Boring


Guru Paramhans is a world-renowned astrologer who can read the past, the future of the human being. He runs a Vedic school and his student is Vikramaditya. He tells some scholars who come to meet him that Vikramaditya is “Einstein of Astrology” and that his predictions are never wrong. The story takes the audience directly to Vikramaditya, who left India and now lives in Europe. He says there is no love line in his hands. That’s why he doesn’t love, he just flirts. But soon he meets Prerna … and fortunately brings him closer. They both fall deeply in love with each other, but they both know that their love has no future. They both hid some secrets from their lives. Will the two be together forever, fighting for the future? The story of the film revolves around this.


Radha Krishna Kumar’s direction was disappointing. The director himself seems so confused in his story that it is impossible for the audience to connect with the film. There are many scenes that are far from logical. The story of the film sometimes goes in favor of astrology, sometimes in opposition. Although it is a love story, there is nothing in the story or the characters of the film that touches your heart. The director made the climax quite spectacular and it looks really spectacular … but there is no sense of greatness. It seems that the mission to shed millions of budgets like water has been given. The 140-minute film fails to make an impact.


Prabhas looks very beautiful in the film. Prabhas and Puja Hegde are shown frame by frame as perfect, beautiful. Both actors did well, but their chemistry with each other is superficial. The director has not invested any depth in his characters. If you can’t connect emotionally with a love story, the movie fails right there. Why prominent actors such as Sathyaraj, Sachin Khedekar, Bhagyashree, Kunal Roy Kapur participated in the film is unknown. He was not given strong dialogues or specific scenes.

technical side

The film was shot in different parts of Europe, which gives it a spectacular look. Cameraman Manoi Paramhans captures the beauty of Europe with his camera. The movie looks like a dream. Good work was also done on VFX. But the film is very weak in terms of writing and editing. There is a lack of depth in each character. Even the main characters look rather superficial. The theme of the film is interesting, but the story is so boring and confusing that it doesn’t give a chance to connect with the film. As a result, the film leaves no impact.


The Hindi music version of the film is composed by Mithun, Amaal Malik and Manan Bhardwaj. The music is on the positive side of the film and coincides with the background of the story. The songs are also shot in a very beautiful way.

I see or I don’t see

Believe me, even if you are a fan of Prabhas and Puja Hegde, do not take the risk of watching this movie. Radha Shyam’s Radhe Shyam looks beautiful and beautiful on screen, but the content is very annoying. The story of the film is so scattered and weak that it creates no effect. 1.5 stars for “Radhe Shyam” by Filmibeat.

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