Rocky Bhai from Zinda Hai KGF will become the most powerful and dangerous man in the world with the help of Jimmy Carter

KGF Actor Yash, KGF Chapter 2 After seeing the people, they now know this KGF Chapter 3 He will surely come. KGF Chapter 1 Released in 2018 and four years after that, the second chapter was released. By such KGF Film Series How long will it be the third part of I eat And only the directors know. But at the end of the second chapter Kolar Gold Fields the sultan ofrocky bhai“If he is killed in the attack of the Indian navy and all his gold is submerged in the 20 thousand feet deep sea, then KGF 3 Who will be the hero of At the same time, the biggest question is also that the main villain of the movie “Adheera” also dies. KGF Chapter 3 Who can be a villain?

Rocky Bhai took advantage of the American and Indonesian navies

If you see the scene after the credit of the movie, then it is known that Rocky called the American and Indonesian navy, including the Indian navy, in the same sea area where the sea was 20 thousand feet deep. From where it was impossible to get to the gold. When Rocky does not stop even after warnings from the Indian Navy, the Navy attacks him with a missile. And his gold-laden ship breaks down and sinks into the sea. But in the last scene, Rocky Bhai is shown drowning in the sea and does not die.

Rocky bhai is still alive in another country

In the last scene it was also shown that America and 16 countries police Rocky, the world’s greatest criminal, is looking for his brother. From the CBI to the FBI he wants to catch her. At the end of the movie, a file appears that reads: “KGF Chapter 2This means that Rocky Bhai is not dead but alive and hiding in another country.

KGF Chapter 3

Rocky Bhai will become the most powerful and dangerous man in the world

Rocky Bhai will conquer all the gold not only of India but also of the world to fulfill the promise made to his mother. He had told his mother that he would one day “bring him all the gold in the world” and he had also said that he would one day become the richest man in the world. This promise has not yet been fulfilled, which will be fulfilled KGF 3,

third part of kgf In I, Rocky will try to grab the gold of the whole world and may also lead India to war with Indonesia and America. According to the information received by DharatalTV.Com, the third chapter of KGF will have a story related to the international mafia where he will become the richest man in the world as well as the most powerful and dangerous man.

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