RRR breaks 10 big box office records in 10 days, a huge collection of 900 crores RRR broke 10 big box office records in 10 days, a blockbuster movie with 900 crores

Indian film with the highest opening in the world

The film gave an initial collection of 223 crores at the World Boxing Office. It became the highest-grossing Indian film of the first day. Earlier, this record was in the name of Bahubali 2, who won 213 kroner.

The fifth Indian film to surpass 900 crores worldwide

At the same time, it became the fifth Indian film to cross 900 crores worldwide … in just 10 days. Currently Dangal, Bahubali 2, Secret Superstar and Bajrangi Bhaijaan over RRR

Brilliant record of Rajamuli’s name

SS Rajamouli is the director who has given two consecutive films (Bahubali 2 and RRR), which have opened over 200 crores. This recording is not with any director so far.

He crosses the 500 kroner mark in India

RRR is the second film to surpass the 500 rupee mark at the box office in India, after Baahubali 2, in all languages. The film has made a business of 625 crores in India.

Record profits in America

RRR became the second highest-grossing Indian film in America, surpassing the profits of Dangal and Padmawat. Bahubali 2 is number 1 on this list. RRR has earned more than 90 crowns in America.

Indian film with the highest opening in the United States

Rajamuli’s film gave a promotion of 42 crores in the United States. This is the highest figure won by any Indian film on Day 1 in the United States.

The highest debut film in India

RRR created this record, leaving behind Bahubali 2. Baahubali 2 had a collection of 121 kroner on the opening day, while RRR did business of over 156 kroner.

The highest opening film in Andhra Pradesh – Telangana

Andhra Pradesh and Telangana .. only these two states together, the film has collected 120.19 crores. Almost all cities in the Telugu states hold the all-time record for the highest collections for the first day.

100 crores in Hyderabad

In Hyderabad, the film grossed 96.99 crores in 10 days. On the 11th day he will cross the 100 crore mark. RRR has become the highest-grossing film in Hyderabad.

the highest grossing film in the Telugu States

RRR has become the highest grossing film in the Telugu States. The film overtook Bahubali 2 to win more than 400 kroner (gross).

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