RRR India Box Office Day 2 Ram Charan Teja Jr. NTR SS Rajamouli film | RRR India box office gains from the second day

Rajamuli broke his own record

SS Rajamouli broke all records of his previous film with RRR. Breaking Bahubali’s initial record, Rajamuli’s RRR film left Bahubali’s 121 kroner behind, giving 130 kroner at the box office. Of these 130 crores, 100 crores were earned from the Telugu language alone.

He broke a record on the first day

On the first day, the film broke many records, winning a huge sum. While the record for opening Bahubali with 130 crores was broken, in Andhra Pradesh and Guntur the film also gave the biggest opening to date. In addition, the film set many records at the world box office.

Released on 9000 screens

This blockbuster film by SS Rajamouli has been released on 9,000 screens and is said to be the largest release to date. About 1,200 screenings of the film are taking place in Hyderabad. And all these performances registered great employment in the cinemas.

a better movie than bahubali

The audience also gave a great response to the film, after which word of mouth about the film spread quickly. RRR is described by the audience as 10 times better than the previous film by Rajamuli Bahubali 2. Critics have also given the film 4-5 stars and this is the reason why it is believed that this film is about to become the biggest film of india.

Lifetime collection of 800 crores

Seeing the beginning of RRR, it is clear that the film will provide a lifetime collection of 800 crores. At the same time, this figure can reach 1000 kroner. In both cases, RRR will become the biggest film in India. The opening of the film is recorded in the history of the Indian box office and now RRR is watching the weekend.

how much will be the profit for the weekend

RR won 130 kroner on Friday and is expected to win 90 kroner on Saturday. But on Sunday this figure could reach nearly 150 kroner. In such a situation, when the film won a total of 220 kroner in two days, plus Sunday’s winnings, the film could give a total weekend of 370 kroner.

Budget of 400 million

RRR’s budget is nearly 400 kroner. In such a situation, the film will have to wait at least two more days to make a profit. Then the film will start to win. This week’s earnings will clarify how much RRR’s lifetime collection will go to the box office.

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