Rubal Shekhawat, the first runner-up of Femina Miss India 2022, made her dreams come true by coming out against the family

India has got the most beautiful Indian for 2022. This year’s winner Sini Shetty from Karnataka has been selected as Femina Miss India 2022. Sini Shetty is making a lot of headlines right now. However, Rubal Shekhawat, who was the first runner-up of Miss India 2022, is just as beautiful as Sini Shetty. Rubal might have been a bit behind Sini Shetty in terms of looks, but Rubal Shekhawat is smart as well as handsome.

The Journey of Miss India 2022 First Runner Up

This journey of Rubal Shekhawat was very difficult. She has always gone ahead and fulfilled her dreams and now she has been crowned the first runner-up of Miss India 2022. Rubal Shekhawat likes to dance, act and draw and also play badminton. Along with this, Rubal Shekhawat was also a cadet of NCC. Rubal was born in Jaipur and enjoys horse riding and swimming.

It was difficult to choose modeling as a career

Rubal Shekhawat said in an interview with ETimes some time ago that she came from a place where the purdah system was very important. I was hesitant to choose modeling as a career as it was difficult to decide which path to take. At that time I was not even getting support from my family.

I can never fulfill my dreams without family

Rubal also said: My father is in the army. He has always taught me to believe in myself and do what is right for me in difficult situations. Eventually, after a while, my parents supported me. With his encouragement and love, his dreams came true.

Rupal Shekhawat did not give up even after many obstacles

Rubal also said that his parents understand his passion so they have always supported him. Even today, my society does not accept this decision of mine as correct. But for me, the support of my parents is enough. Well, even after many hurdles, Rupal Shekhawat did not give up and moved forward to fulfill his dreams.

The ruble is very attractive and stylish

The ruble is very attractive and stylish. Ruble has 114,000 followers on Instagram. Looking at his photo, one can conclude that Ruble has no answer when it comes to fashion and style statements. Ruble’s Instagram account is full of her beautiful photos.

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Rubal Shekhawat likes to travel a lot

Rubal Shekhawat loves to travel a lot. If you follow his Instagram profile, you will find out for yourself. She shared her stunning pictures with her fans from many beautiful places. Rubble’s fashion and fitness match everything about her. How did you feel about Rubal Shekhawat, the first runner-up of Miss India 2022?

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Rubal shekhawat photo

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