Runway 34 vs. Heropanti Box Office Opening Day 1 Friday, April 29 Runway 34 vs. Heropanti 2 Box Office Opening Report

very bad word of mouth

Heropanti 2, produced by Sajid Nadiadwala, received a lot of bad words. Some people started calling Tiger Shrof Salman Khan in his youth. Because even in this Tiger Shrof movie, only headless action and comedy is complete. Tara Sutaria received a lot of criticism for her performance. At the same time, people cannot understand why Navazudin Sidiki is in this film.

10 – 11 rupees opening

According to current figures and a pre-booking of 2.5 crores, if there is speculation about the opening of the Heropanti 2 box office, then this film will open 10-11 crores at the box office. The film has registered employment below 20 percent in northern India. In southern cities, the film’s employment has risen to 40 percent.

On average, 25-25 percent

If we talk about the occupancy of the morning shows on the first day, the occupancy of the Tiger movie has remained between 25-35 percent in most cities. The film is made with a budget of 80 crores and is a pure masala film. In such a situation, it remains to be seen whether he will be able to withdraw his budget or not.

Masala movies do not work

It is worth noting that at the moment the demand for clean masala movies is less at the box office. Earlier, Akshay Kumar’s Bachchan Pandey was also a desi masala film, which despite receiving a Holly-like weekend was completely rejected by the audience and decided to watch The Kashmir Files instead of Bachchan Pandey. In such a situation, instead of Heropanti 2, the attitude of the audience may turn to Runway 34 of Ajay Devgan in the coming days.

very slow start

Speaking of track 34, the film started very slowly in theaters on the first day. The film registered 10.5 percent cinema sales on its first day so far. In the cities of northern India, this figure is only 8-9 percent. At the same time, the occupancy of morning broadcasts in other cities also does not exceed 14 percent.

Average performance in only two cities

Speaking of numbers, Ajay Devgan’s film started on average in Hyderabad and Jaipur, recording 18-20 percent employment among the very bad numbers. Although word of mouth the film is much better than Heropanti 2. In such a situation in the coming days the film of Ajay Devgan – Amitabh Bachchan may gain an audience.

Opening 5 crores

According to current data, Ajay Devgan’s film – Amitabh Bachchan will open 5 crores at the box office, which will probably be the lowest starting figure of Ajay Devgan in the last 10-15 years. However, track 34 may perform better in the future.

big budget

It is worth noting that the budget of track 34 is also estimated to be close to 70-80 crores. In such a situation, Ajay Devgan’s film may have to suffer heavy losses. This will be the third film directed by Ajay Devgan. Earlier, Yu, Mee Aur Hum and Shivaay also failed at the box office.

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