Sahara India News: Report money trapped in Sahara to be found soon, court orders.

Almost all the people who have invested in Sahara, the money of big millions of people are stuck in Sahara India, all the people are begging for their money from the government to the owner of Sahara India, even in many states. A sit-in demonstration is being organized and the money to be returned to them, as per the order of the court, the money will soon be returned to all.

The demonstration begins in Lucknow

Seeing that the implementation has started in Lucknow, raising this issue in various states supports his demand from the government, Sahara Investment customers of Lucknow must say that we will not leave here until we get the money. Demonstrations began in the Garden continuously from May 28 or how long the demonstration process will last is not seen.

People must say we will die but we will not go because of the huge crowd the administration gives big vehicles to the people to whom the administration says there is no crowd on the road so you people go by bus but for the Sahara India The customers are ready to walk and everyone moves forward saying that the owner of Sahara India is a thief raising the slogan ‘Hi Hi’.

News from the High Court of Sahara India

For all the customers who are stuck in Sahara India, a big decision has been taken by Delhi High Court. The application will go to the registered, then after review in court, this will help them get money as soon as possible, find out all the news in detail.

Sahara India Helpline

If there has been any fraud with you or Sahara India Sahara India is not refunding your money then you can register your complaint on police helpline number. Such people who are troubled by fraud fund companies and cannot get money for a long time can call the police number 112. As soon as the complaint is registered on this number, Jharkhand Government will investigate all such people. And their investors money will be found very soon.

Sahara India Latest News Today

Let us tell you that Subhash Rai, owner of Sahara India, was asked to appear before the Patna High Court on May 11, but due to non-appearance, the court did not issue any order. Due to which all blocked customers in Sahara India are expected. Whether they will get money or not, whether their money will be drowned, there is concern. Sahara India owner Subhash Rai has again been given an opportunity to appear in court on May 14. But again the owner of Sahara India did not appear before the Patna High Court due to which all the customers got upset.

When will the next hearing of Sahara India take place?

The Patna High Court directed Subrata Roy to appear before the High Court on May 16 at 10:30 am. But the court had asked the Delhi Police Commissioner and Uttar Pradesh DGP to extend all possible help to the Bihar Police in this work, but the Supreme Court stayed the order of the Patna High Court for now. The hearing against Sahara India will now be held in the Patna High Court on June 22.

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