Samrat Prithviraj Review of the film: Akshai Kumar in the lead role in this story of love and courage lacks a soul | Samrat Prithviraj Review: This Love and Power Story by Akshay Kumar is Weak in Emotion


Mohamed Gori (Manav Vij) had captured Chitrareha, his brother Mir Hussein’s girlfriend. Begging for his life, Mir Hussein came to Emperor Pritviraj Chauhan (Akshai Kumar). Emperor Pritviraj, who undertook to protect the refugees, sent a message to Mohammed Gori that either Chitrareha must be returned or there would be a war. From then on, enmity arose between the two. Emperor Pritviraj defeated Mohammed Gori at the Battle of Tarain in 1191 and conquered it. But a few days later he was pardoned and sent back to Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the film gives us a glimpse into the private life of Pritviraj Chauhan, except for the war, when he falls in love with Sanyogita, the princess of Canauj. Angry at this marriage, King Jaichand of Canauj joined Mohammed Gori, maintaining his hatred of Pritviraj. A war ensues between Pritviraj and Gori, where Pritviraj and Chand Bardai (Sonu Sud) are taken prisoner by deception and deception. The film revolves around how Pritviraj Chauhan shows his valor and valor for his homeland between a love story and a battlefield.


Akshai Kumar in the image of Samrat Prithviraj looks good in some scenes, especially where the action is to be shown. But when it comes to gestures and dialogue, the actors look very flat in this film. Manushi Chilar seems confident. Her presence on screen is also good, but she will still have to work hard to improve her acting. Sonu Court shows maturity in the image of Kavi Chand Bardai. If you see, in terms of acting, he attracts attention in this film. While actors like Sanjay Dut like Kaka, Manav Vij like Mohamed Gori, Ashutosh Rana like Jaichand fall victim to semi-finished scripts and leave no influence.


To pay tribute to the greatness of Samrat Pritviraj Chauhan, the film needed a very strong script that celebrated his journey, courage and thinking, but the director-director made the film too dramatic in the race for fun. Instead of introducing the audience to the characters, the film moves from sequence to sequence at such a fast pace that the characters hardly get a chance to connect emotionally. Neither Pritviraj-Sanyogita’s love saga has any impact, nor does Pritviraj-Gori’s enmity seem impressive. The film begins in a very interesting way. The way in which director Dr. Chandraprakash Duvedi combines the beginning and the culmination of the film is exciting. But apart from the first half hour and a half, the handwriting of the film is flat.

technical side

For films made on history, it becomes very important to be technically sound, and “Samrat Prithviraj” is well received in this regard. The production design of the film is made by Subrata Chakraborty and Amit Ray, which is brilliant. The film looks great and right on screen. The cinematography of Manush Nandan fully corresponds to the greatness of the film. But the editing of the film, made by Aarish Sheikh, is a bit weak. The whole movie is moving so fast that you don’t have a chance to understand or appreciate the part of the story, so the story doesn’t impress. The main result given by Ankit Balhara and Sanchit Balhara is average. The dialogues of the film are not shaped in any particular tone, which sounds good in some parts, but at times removes the authenticity.


The music for the film was provided by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, and the lyrics were written by Varun Grover. The music of the film is average. With the exception of the title track “Hari Har”, none of the songs affected her. In addition, the songs do not contribute except to increase the length of the film. Neither love makes history spectacular, nor does it make you goosebumps during the war.

I see or I don’t see

This story of courage, bravery and love of Pritviraj Chauhan, the last Hindu emperor of India, may have been very strong in the pages, but it did not attract the big screen. The effect that films made on history must have, the soul that must be in a film made on a great emperor … that is missing here. Although the film was made on a very large scale, which makes it look great on the big screen. 2.5 stars for “Samrat Prithviraj” by Filmybeat.

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