Shamshera Movie Review: Ranbir Kapoor shines as Shamshera in this slow moving predictable action adventure | Shamshera Movie Review: Ranbir Kapoor’s strength will work when the story is weak


This is the story of the Kaman tribe that was once the pride of the Rajputana army. But due to caste discrimination, he was first ostracized from the society.. Then the British captured him by deception. It is based on a fictional town named Kaza, where the entire Hamaran tribe is captured and enslaved by the ruthless rogue Shud Singh in the fort and they are brutally tortured. But where there is slavery, the one who breaks the chains is born. Among the Khmers comes Shamshera .. who becomes the leader of the slaves and then becomes the greatest warrior to protect his clan. He fought hard for the freedom and honor of his tribe. And then his son Bali took over this responsibility. Bali somehow escapes from Kaza’s fortress and builds his army outside. But will he be able to give freedom to the people of his tribe with the British army and Inspector Shud Singh at his disposal? The whole story revolves around this.


There is no doubt that this entire film rests on Ranbir Kapoor’s shoulders. Rather, they give you the courage to stay in the seat for 2 hours and 40 minutes. Ranbir Kapoor has done a good job in both Shamshera and Bali characters. While there is a seriousness to his characters, on the other hand there is also a certain innocence in some parts. This is Ranbir’s first action film… and I would like to say that he is very busy with action scenes. But it’s surprising why the director didn’t give her even one emotional scene! Everyone knows the beauty with which Ranbir plays emotional scenes, but here he missed out. Nothing special from Vaani Kapoor’s side here. She has three songs to her name and is no doubt a great dancer, but she still needs a bit more effort in terms of acting. Meanwhile, Sanjay Dutt, who is turning into a back-to-back villain, now seems to be echoing his expressions. There is absolutely no novelty in his characters and that is the director’s fault. Saurabh Shukla, Ronit Roy, Craig Mc Ginley have done a good job in supporting roles.


Karan Malhotra took a risk with a story like Shamshera… where he had to tell the story of the 18th century. Here he found good actors, got the budget… but if he doesn’t, then a strong story. The story of the movie seems very shallow. When the story is at such a high level, the one thing that works the most is the emotional factor. He is missing from this movie. Here, too, you won’t feel any connection to the character or the circumstances. The movie runs smoothly from start to finish. So after some time just wait for its climax which you already know. At the same time, it won’t be wrong to say that the story of the film seems to be a jargon of many different films and web series.

technical side

Technically the film is good. Cinematographer Anai Goswami succeeded in the unseen world he tried to portray with Shamshera. The film’s production design should be commended. The VFX is also good. Piyush Mishra’s dialogues are average. A lot of the dialogue is set as poetry, but when the story itself isn’t effective, most of the dialogue feels hollow. Shivakumar V Panikar’s editing could have been a bit tighter, especially in the first half of the film.


The music of the film is given by Mithun which is very average. Songs like Zee Huzoor, Fitoor have little impact but seem like a hindrance to the story. All the songs only serve to lengthen the film which is already quite long. Also, the chemistry between Ranbir and Vaani in the songs is absolutely disappointing.

Rating – 2.5

Shamshera is entirely based on Ranbir Kapoor. The actors also do full justice to their two characters. But weak story and direction make the movie average. It was a little disappointing to see Ranbir on the big screen with this film after four years. 2.5 stars for Shamshera from Filmbeat.

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