Sonam Kapoor shares emotional note on Instagram ‘I said mom’s choice is perfect’

Every parent’s dream is to do the best for their child. His parents did something similar for Anil Kapoor’s beloved Sonam Kapoor. Sonam is very happy in her life for which she gives all the credit to her parents. Sonam Kapoor also released an emotional note for her parents. Recently, Sonam Kapoor released an emotional note on her Instagram account. Sonam Kapoor described her parents’ choice as a perfect choice for her. Here, Sonam talks about her husband. He wrote about his life that the choice of my parents is very good for me and I am very happy with him.

She told her father the ideal husband

In a published post, Sonam Kapoor has written about her father that your daughter notices everything very carefully. How do you hold your wife’s hand or put your hand on her shoulder? Your daughter notes everything. Also whether you listen to them or not. I also see this when your wife talks to you. As well as when you’re looking at your phone, even when you’re walking forward, oblivious to the world. Dad, your daughter wants to learn everything by seeing you, how can I compete with this world in the future.

Better consider your parents’ choices for yourself

In this posted note, Sonam Kapoor praised her father Anil Kapoor a lot. Sonam describes her father as a perfect husband and always credits her mother for making the perfect choice for her. He says that because of their parents, he and his sister Rhea Kapoor chose to call themselves Anand Ahuja and Karan. Because our mother made the right choice for us. I want to give full respect to my mother.

Please say that Sonam Kapoor was married to Anand Ahuja in 2018. Now they also have a handsome son named Varun Kapoor Ahuja.

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