The Best Greek Islands to Visit in 2021

Greece is a favorite destination for everyone looking for the ideal European travel because of the number of cluster islands found in the Mediterranean. It’s the ideal place because of its raw beaches and natural landscapes. 

Serving the best cheese and seafood, the nightlife, party days, relaxing atmosphere, cool lifestyle, and tranquillity that Greece offers are all enticing, making you want to visit Greece every time you need a favorite place in Europe. 

With over 6,000 islands, only about 230 of which are inhabited, deciding where to travel can be difficult. We have compiled some lists of the best islands where you could go in 2021.


This beautiful island is known for its volcanic landscapes, colorful beaches, and legendary sunsets, which promise to be even better when watched from the comfort of a luxury catamaran while sipping a signature cocktail.

Apart from a boat ride to the smoking crater of Nea Kameni and the hot springs at Palia Kameni, you can gaze out the window of your caldera-side accommodation at the mesmerizing views.

A vast number of churches may be found on this island. Not to be missed are the cafes and bistros in this area. Learning the local flavor of a place is just as vital as knowing its history so make your Delta Airlines Booking explore Santorini.


Mykonos is known for its glitz and glam, which includes high-end resorts, excellent dining, and premium shopping, but it also offers authentic experiences, such as farm-to-table restaurants and a range of excursions, such as cooking courses and jeep safari tours. 

Mykonos has been known for its bustling nightlife and as the ultimate LGBT-friendly resort. It also has some of Greece’s most beautiful beaches, with fine sands perfect for soaking up the sun while drinking cocktails.


Naxos, the largest of the Cyclades, is a laid-back island known for its quarries since ancient times. Naxos, unlike other Greek islands, never feels crowded. The island is relatively large, with vast stretches of sandy beach, making it ideal for both families and groups of friends. Aside from its wonderful beaches, Naxos also has some lovely highland villages.

With its extensive choice of native products ranging from Naxian potatoes and cheeses to honey, olives, olive oil, fruits, wine, and its famed liqueur, citron, Naxos is becoming an increasingly popular gastronomic destination.

When you combine great dining and farm-to-table experiences with beautiful sea vistas, gorgeous beaches, spectacular hiking trails, fabulous shopping, and marble workshops, you have a vacation that is difficult to match.


Since ancient times, cosmopolitan Paros, located in the Cyclades, has been supplying the rest of the country with high-quality marble. The famed Parian marble is used in many statues and monuments around Greece.

Enjoy a cocktail in Naoussa Port, a little fishing community that is both cosmopolitan and traditional, making for an ideal combination. The finest time to appreciate Naoussa’s beauty is around dusk, which is also the best time to enjoy a drink or two at the lovely harbor.


Rhodes, the largest of the Dodecanese Islands, is a popular and historically significant island. It’s also one of the most unique of all the Greek islands. Prasonisi, on the southernmost edge of Rhodes, is an exotic beach where surfer’s and kite-dream surfer’s come true.

The healing qualities of Kallithea’s hot springs with architectural splendor have been known since antiquity. Spending a pleasant day in the newly refurbished hot springs is now a must.


Corfu, off the northwest coast of Greece, offers ancient history and mythology, as well as stunning scenery and a timeless ambiance. Sand beaches, cascading waterfalls, and bird-filled lagoons may all be found here, as well as whitewashed fishing villages and classic Venetian architecture. Between the two, there are numerous unique stores and wonderful cafes to shop and dine at.

Plan to explore Corfu in your upcoming vacations then book your ticket some days before so can save your air travel expenses. There are many offers available on the Spirit Airlines Website that help you to make your plan budget-friendly. Do make sure to visit the very known monasteries there.


Hydra is a Greek island that played a significant role in the Greek War of Independence from the Ottoman Occupation in 1821.

Spilia does not have a beach; instead, you can dive in the deep Waters of Spilia Beach, it has a rocky region where you can plunge into the ocean. Then you have to return up the metal pool-like steps. On a hot day in Hydra, the sea is deep and invigorating, which is exactly what you’ll need.


Venus de Milo, the magnificent marble statue of Aphrodite on exhibit at the Louvre Museum in Paris, was born on Milos, a laid-back island.

The fact that Milos is a volcanic island accounts for the often surreal natural scenery that you’ll find there. Milos, an island with pristine beaches and a genuine atmosphere, has become a popular getaway for couples in recent decades.