The film “Kashmiri files” of the Vivek agnihotri box office won 400 percent profit over Baahubali Dangal

bahubali and dangal break the record

According to the box office report, The Kashmir Files won 22 kroner on the eighth day. in Friday. Previously, the record for winning more on the eighth day was held by Babubali The Conclusion of Prabhas and Dangal by Aamir Khan. Prabhas’s Baahubali had won 19.75 kroner on the eighth day, and Amir Khan’s Dangal had won 18.59 kroner.

From day 1 to day 8 of the Kashmir files

Examine in detail the winnings of The Kashmir Files from the 1st to the 8th day. Opening day – 3.55 crores. Second day – 8.5 crores. 15 crores on the third day. Day 4 – 15.05 crore. Fifth day – 17.80 crowns. Sixth day – 19.30 crore. Seventh day – 19.05 crore. Eighth day – 22 crores. In total, The Kashmir Files’ profits have exceeded 120 kroner so far.

with a profit of 400 percent

With the highest profits, The Kashmir Files picked up pace. Kashmir’s files surpassed the 100-kroner mark, making a huge leap in the list of the most profitable films on the first day with a profit of 400 percent. The film, which became tax-exempt in eight states, earned 80 kroner in just 6 days.

Kashmir’s files will soon cross the 150 crore mark

After winning just 3.55 kroner on the opening day of March 11, the controversy over the killing and eviction of Kashmiri pandits has won much publicity. It is estimated that in the next three days The Kashmir Files will also exceed the limit of 150 rupees. Although Akshai Kumar’s Bachchan Pandey was released.

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