The Kashmir Files Box Office beats Akshay Kumar’s best-selling film Good Newwz | Kashmir Files box office, Thursday, March 24

Akshai Kumar will be behind for a moment

Interestingly, The Kashmir Files will beat the top 3 films of Akshay Kumar for a moment on the 14th day of its release. This includes 206 crores Housefull, 205 crores Good Newwz and 203 crores Mission Mangal. On the other hand, if we talk about the period after the Crown, Akshay Kumar’s 195 crore profit from Suryavanshi was said to be fantastic, while The Kashmir Files surpassed that figure in just 13 days.

Bachchan Pandi was licked with dust

Interestingly, The Kashmir Files defeated Akshay Kumar’s Bachchan Pandey at the box office. Bachchan Pandey was released on Holi and it was believed that this pure masala film by Akshay Kumar on Holi would win a lot of money at the box office. But the mood of The Kashmir Files overshadowed Akshay Kumar’s commercial. Bachchan Pandey managed to win about 46 kroner at the box office in six days after entering the market.

8 crores won on Thursday as well

While The Kashmir Files won 9 crores at the box office on Wednesday, given the film’s trend, it looks like the film will win about 8 crores at the box office on Thursday as well. That is, by Thursday the total profit of the film will be between 207 – 208 crores, which is a very good figure.

Tickets do not decrease

Kashmir’s files, although tax-exempt, are seen in many cities at very high prices. These include mostly the prices of multiplexes. Even in smaller cities, tickets for The Kashmir Files PVR start at 350 to 800 rupees. Interestingly, people go to the theater to watch the movie, even after paying such a high price.

They won 978 percent of the profits

The Kashmir dossier earned 978 percent in box office profits. With this, Uri surpassed The Surgical Strike as the highest-grossing film of the last decade. Uri won a total of 846 percent at the box office. At the same time, the road to winning and making money from The Kashmir Files is still ongoing.

There will be another explosion over the weekend

While The Kashmir Files have earned about 208 kroner in two weeks, this weekend the film is also expected to earn a strong income. It is believed that the film can give a third weekend of about 45-50 crores or even more.

What will be the collection for life

After the winnings of the third weekend, a clear picture will be available in The Kashmir Files Lifetime Collection. According to current figures, the film will easily enter the club for 250 crowns, but if the film wins 300 crowns, then this film will be recorded in the history of the box office.

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