The web series based on the mysterious disease “Dr. Watch the trailer of “Arora” here

Advertisements for a secret disease are everywhere, on the roads and even on the railways. After seeing these posters, only one thought comes to people’s mind that what is this secret disease and how does it appear? There is a problem that is not openly talked about in India today, but a movie has exposed it.

Directed by Imtiaz Ali Venereal disease He is working on a new web series based onDr. Arora He is an expert in magic. The trailer of this web series has been released. Members of the public started showering love on the new trailer.” Soon after the film went online. Watching the web drama’s trailer, you can guess that there are a lot of comedic punchlines based on sexual issues.

dr arora web series trailer

This web series reveals the secrets of the life of a sexologist and various patients who come to him. In the trailer we can see that Actor Kumud Mishra He plays the role of a sexologist. The trailer starts with Kumud Mishra’s clinic. Kumud is a doctor who helps people with their health problems. A patient comes to the clinic.

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dr arora web series trailer

When patients come to Kumud, a specialist in occult diseases, he does not reveal his real name. At this, Kumdo scolds her and says that she is sick, which is not a joke. We’ll tell you everything we already know so you know what’s going to happen. Well, after the trailer came out, it was clear that this series will be worth the money.

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