This ashram actress left Granny Baba and Sonia behind, bared her shoulders and flaunted her panties as soon as she reached the ship

Ashram is one such web series whose every character has earned a lot of name. Be it Baba Nirala or Pammi, Babita or the hottest Sonia, everyone behaved very well in their place. But today we’re going to tell you how similar all this is to real life, through this character from the web series Ashram, who has only undergone purity or cruelty in the entire series. Yes, we are talking about Anuritha Jha, who played the role of Kavita, who took down the entire series by wearing only a suit. But now she’s going bolder than real-life limits in her latest photo, in which she’s seen flaunting a bikini top by baring her shoulders.

Anuritha Jha shared pictures of the ship on social media. In these pictures, Anuritha is seen standing on the ship spreading the magic of her daring acts. The actress looks so bold and hot in the pictures that when I saw them, the pictures went viral.

Anuritha shared 2 pictures on social media. By the way, both photos are the same, only one is in color and the other is black and white. In this picture, Anuritha is wearing a cream shrug which was open in front of the camera and Anuritha was seen flaunting a white colored bikini in front of the camera.

A bold scene in the Ashram

Anuritha Jha showed a scene with a boy in this web series. A few days ago, however, the actress gave a statement about the intimate scene, which made a lot of noise. The actress said in the interview that I want to get my father’s permission before doing such a scene. I told them about it. At this he said to me, “Yes, yes, the bindai do. After that I felt good.

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