Kasol is a stunning holiday resort in Himachal Pradesh on the banks of the Parvati River in the Parvati Valley. It’s like a tiny Israel, with many Israelis and Hebrew cafés around. Kasol is also renowned for its surrounding with hippies from all parts as the ‘Little Amsterdam.’

Explore Himachal Pradesh’s stunning splendour while visiting Chalal and Tosh. The little town of Chalal is well known as the ‘Trance and Psychedelic Party’ village located at around 5,366 feet above sea level. It can be accessed from Kasol on foot and offers you amazing panoramic views.

You may sit beside the river on the rocks and dive into its sound of drunkenness. It is an exquisite spot to relax and have fun at trendy music events. Another stunning find of Himachal Pradesh is the snow-covered dreamland of Tosh. Located on one side of the Parvati Valley, Tosh provides not only amazing vistas, but also offers an exciting backpacking hike. Get absorbed in the peaceful rural environment and wander through the lush meadows and the apple farms. These gorgeous villages of Himachal Pradesh make you hypocritical and want to return!


Parvati River is one of Kasol’s most stunning views and runs from the Parvati valley. Originating in the Mantalai Glacier, this hamlet seems to be enhanced by its beautiful waters. The views of snowy mountains, winding streams, and luxuriant greeneries here is certainly an experience for many once in a lifetime.

If you intend to travel here, between April and June is the perfect time to visit. Here you may relax in the calm of beautiful waters with a family picnic. You may enjoy white water rafting on this river for anyone who wishes to have an exciting experience. Since this river flows quite fast, though, you will have to paddle a lot. So, to enjoy rafting here, you need excellent resistance and cardiovascular endurance!


The distance between Kasol and Kheerganga is only 4 kilometres. Go to the end of the Parvati Valley and a wonderful hike across the Pin-Parvati Pass awaits you. You will get to the lovely town of Kheerganga once you make your way through this hike. In the verdant trees, bright blue sky and stunning mountains, which are a sight to see, Kheerganga is swallowed.

How do you want to bathe in hot springs and appreciate the mountains surrounded by snow? Well, during your vacation to Kheerganga you can really make your vision a reality. Here you may merely enjoy the pleasant countryside around the site with a refreshing experience in the hot spring. This location extends to approximately 9 kilometres and is also ideal for campers in the middle of nature.


Tosh hamlet in Kasol is made up of lush green scenery and nice weather. The hidden treasure is about 7,800 feet high and is only 20 kilometres from Kasol. You will certainly be fascinated by the towering peaks, covered with snow, green hillside and the peacefulness of the hamlet.

The greatest thing you can do to arrive in the town of Tosh is to wander along the pristine waters of the Tosh Rivulet directly from Kheerganga. This is a wonderful holiday destination for you if you have a hippy soul. The greatest time to visit is the cool, pleasant weather that compliments the atmosphere throughout the winter season.


Take a journey from Kasol for around 60 kilometres and you may reach Tirthan Valley, the true joy of nature. This is the ideal location for people who want to get out of the busy urban life. The weather is so wonderful that as you drive the Jalori Pass, you feel the fresh frost kissing your cheeks.

You certainly can’t miss Tirthan Valley in Himachal if you’re seeking a 1-day stay in Kasol. Would you like an exciting experience? Well, there’s no question of your quenches for adventure being met by a hike or trek in Tirthan Valley in the middle of a calm environment. While the weather here is good throughout the year, it is ideal for hiking and family picnics in March and April.


The town of Kasol is located next to the Parvati river and about 4 kilometres away. Many Manikaran visitors and pilgrims were lured by the view of the magnificent mountains and the Gurudwara. In this old pilgrim city, you will certainly experience a spiritual awakening.

You can come on a pilgrimage to Manikaran and take part in several religious ceremonies here in the Gurudwara. Even Manikaran’s thermal springs are regarded as sacred, therefore here you will surely enjoy a peaceful, refreshing soak. Everyone who wants an exciting hike can wander around Manikaran’s Harinder Mountains. The view from the top of those mountains on Perl-white Manikaran Gurudwara and the lovely Parvati River is just amazing.


Malana Settlement is regarded as a prehistoric village in the scenic Parvati valley, located in Himachal Pradesh. It is located near the Malana River at a height of almost 8,700 feet above sea level. This little town is surrounded by the magnificent mountains of Deo Tibba and Chanderkhani. Village Malana is unspoiled and thus the place of a weekend break is excellent.

Here, many tourists have been drawn by the rugged landscape, verdant woods and the snow-capped mountains of Deo Tibba and the Chanderkhani ranges. You may enjoy camping or adventure walking as you enjoy the beautiful scenery of the village. Otherwise, Malana with its calm scenery would surely be worth a trip if you would like to get free of your boring urban existence.


Kasol’s flea market is like a shop-goers’ haven. Without having a stroll around the flea market, your vacation to Kasol would be complete. What is wonderful about going here is that you can also go shopping and enjoy a lovely walk. It’s because the gorgeous green hills offer shopping as a background to this market.

Himachali hats are one of the most sold things in the Kasol flea market. You may buy these handcrafted hats in many colours. The other renowned things include dream catchers, semi-precious stone accessories and a large variety of crafts. This is the best spot for all your friends and family members to have keepsakes.