Ullu New Web Series: Heat as well full drama in this serial watch full video

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New web series by UlluThere is a craze for web series these days. Today people just want entertainment. This is the reason why web series are released on many platforms. trap part 2 Ullu is a web series available on the popular OTT platform in India. The web series Jal Part 2 Ullu is a fantasy, drama and romance. Ullu is a popular web series.

You can watch all episodes of this web series online from Ullu app. However, the Owl app is not free. You must subscribe to watch the web series.

Subscribers of the ullu app can watch any web series released on the app. Ullu App will launch this web series very soon. You can see the release date of this web series below.

Jaal’s Story Part 2 Ullu Web Series

Throughout the web series, the story will remain where it ended in the first part. In the second part, Anmol and Vijay divide the property after their father’s death.

Vijay learned about his father’s illegitimate son when he submitted legal documents to divide the property into two equal halves. Nidhi moves from Noida to Kanpur out of fear. The trailer also shows Anmol getting shot by a masked man.

Chinga blackmails Surekha by holding her at gunpoint. Who was behind all this and Patience To find out who killed whom, watch the web series on the Ullu app.

In the previous part we saw that Dheeraj Verma passed away

This part of the story continues. Dheeraj’s eldest son gives a false guarantee in which the property is divided into two parts distribute She goes.

Suddenly a man appears and announces that the property will be divided into three parts. According to her, she is Dheeraj Verma’s illegitimate child. Watch Jal Part 2 only on Ullu app to know what happens next.

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