Unhappy Plants: A family’s happiness will end as soon as it is planted! Think before you plant, don’t plant these unfavorable 5 plants even by mistake

Home of Unfortunate Plants: Many people plant different types of plants to enhance the beauty of the house and the beauty of the garden. But did you know that there are some plants that, after planting, you can also go out on the road. These plants may keep the environment clean, but according to Vastu, these trees and plants are also associated with your good luck and bad luck! It is said that planting these plants can stop your progress. So let us tell you in detail about these plants.

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Lemon and Amla
Lemon or gooseberry should not be planted inside the house or in front of the main gate, these programs have thorns and cause discord in the house.

Plum tree
It’s a fruit tree. It goes without saying how delicious jujube fruits are. Because everyone must have tasted it. But do you know that in the house where there is a plum tree, mountains of problems arise. Because the plum tree has thorns and therefore this tree brings negativity to the home. The financial crisis remains in the house where there is a plum tree, and mother Lakshmi does not live in such a house.

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cotton plant
This plant is a cotton planter. This is how our clothes are made. But if viewed from the point of view of astrology, then its placement in the house leads to unhappiness and poverty. Misunderstandings begin in mutual relations and an atmosphere of negativity begins to accumulate. For this reason, do not accidentally plant a cotton plant in the house.

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henna plant
Many people plant a small mehndi plant inside the house, but according to Vastu, don’t do it at all because it starts transmitting negative energy when planted in the garden inside the house. According to belief, the tree is inhabited by evil spirits, so we should not plant it at home.

acacia plant
Do not accidentally plant acacia in the house and also around the house. The very presence of this plant is very effective in fighting in the house and keeping mentally ill members.

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