Unique Ways to Use Plastic Key Tags for Your Business

Business cards remain one of the best ways to market your business to date. But there are still other ways that you can utilize for marketing your brand and business. Key tags are one of those items that can help you promote your brand. 

Plastic key tags provide a unique advantage for companies looking for something smaller for their marketing activities but with a similar impact to that of a card. Key tags are generally considered just reward cards, but they can have more uses than you might think. Take a look at these unique ideas for non-reward card key tags. 

Beaded Necklaces Charm 

Adding custom plastic accessories to beaded necklaces is a great way to promote company development at events and conferences. However, be sure to mark them with your brand so your visitors can remember where they came from. You’ll miss out if the charm you hand out does not have your name on it. 

Service Tags 

The automotive industry uses a large number of marketing materials every day, from brochures to direct mailings, business cards, and more. However, you may miss out on customers by using fragile labels at the service station. When you upgrade to a plastic repair tag, you can not only easily identify the car keys, but you can also leave them on the key fob to continue marketing after the vehicle is removed. 

Real Estate Marketing

Real estate marketing is a difficult task for real estate agents. And depending on the location, real estate agents can expect to spend between 15% and 20% of their income on marketing, or even more. One way to make sure the money is being spent wisely is to make your marketing unique, like key tags with custom shapes.

Library Cards

Traditional library cards have been phased out as they are replaced by more convenient labels. You do not need to write your name and membership number on the paper card, your information can be included in a personalized QR code, which is attached to your keychain. 

Product Tags

Gift shops almost only deal with outside vendors, so how do you ensure that gifts bought from your store can be traced to you? Custom product tags can easily include your name and information and that is an easy way to help trace the products back to your business. 

Emergency Tags

Have you ever encountered an emergency at a rental property, such as a broken water line or a refrigerator that stops cooling? You want to make sure you get in touch with someone ASAP and with an emergency tag, it’s as easy as grabbing a key ring. 

Mission Statement Cards 

The mission statement is a very important part of every business or organization. With a custom printed plastic card, you can include this valuable information in a convenient size so team members can access it at any time. This will also make a nice onboarding gift, attached to something specific to your group. 

Gift Cards

Sporting events attract many spectators, and the day of the promotion is even more exciting! One of the main drawbacks of distributing items at the door is the number of people who need to stand at each door, in addition to people trying to secretly steal more than one item when people are not looking. Distribute key tags attached to lanyards, and then people can redeem them. 

Membership Cards 

Membership cards do not require customers to earn points to get rewards. However, a good way to keep track of members’ promotions or favorite products is to track their visits and purchases through the point of sale or POS system. Depending on your system, it may require a barcode, magnetic stripe, QR code, or even a unique membership number.

These are some of the unique ways to use plastic key tags to promote your business. These key tags are small yet powerful marketing tools and if used correctly, as mentioned above, they can be greatly beneficial in promoting your brand and business.