Urfi Javed covered himself with a newspaper as he went to the waist and said “Be yourself”

Urfi Javed has been a victim of trolling for a long time. This time there were also rumors of his death. When the broadcaster learned about this, the actress immediately scolded him. He has also been severely threatened several times in the past, including threats of rape, death, etc. But this time people started spreading the suicide news (fake death news of Urfi Javed) by editing Urfi’s pictures.

Urfi was seen covering herself with a newspaper

However, these things did not affect Urfi much. Urfi Javed once again showed his bold style. That’s enough to surprise people. Urfi again shared a video on his Instagram where he is seen topless with blue jeans. In the video clip, you can see Urfi standing naked to the waist and covering himself with a newspaper. Urfi also wrote “BE YOURSELF” about the trolls in the paper.

Achieved high ranking in Google search engine

Urfi’s clothing style is unique. Even though people troll her, her creativity has helped her a lot to rank high on Google search for Asians. She has become a successful name in the entertainment industry, surpassing popular actresses like Kangana Ranaut and Kiara Advani.

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