Urfi Javed got scars on his neck after wearing a chain top, people said it was a love bite

Urfi Javed : A famous social media influencer Warfi Javed Ours fashion sense Known for. Hardly anyone has been seen experimenting with their looks as much as Urfi. Urfi Javed is not afraid to take risks. However, for them, the risks are sometimes more than that. Now Urfi has shown a glimpse of this by sharing some of his throwback photos. Urfi was recently seen bare-to-the-waist only wearing a crop top, after which she was also trolled on social media. But do you know what happened after wearing these Urfi chains? Urfi would never have thought in his dreams that this state would happen after wearing the chain.

Urfi’s condition is bad in the fashion world

From cotton candy to clothespins, flower leaves and chain locks, Urfi has worn it all, making tops and dresses. Not only that, in the joy of completing three million followers on Instagram, she wore a dress made of glass. Urfi then showed who was hurt by that glass dress. Now, sharing new photos, he revealed that after wearing a chain top, his neck got worse.

People said it was a love bite

Sharing the photo, Urfi Javed wrote, “Throwback! Swipe right to see what happened to me before and after wearing the outfit. His fans are shocked to see Urfi’s condition. many users emoticons Expressing his surprise at this, a user commented there, ‘madam, you hurt yourself‘, another user wrote, “looks like a love bite,

people were trolling

Urfi Javed was spotted outside Andheri chain restaurant. Here he also posed a lot for the paparazzi, people trolled him a lot after the pictures went viral on social media. Seeing the photos, users wrote “are the clothes finished”. Some people wrote: “Shame is sold, take it down too”

She was previously seen in a brown outfit

Earlier, Urfi Javed was seen in a brown colored outfit. She wore a strapless crop top and a mini skirt. Urfi Javed stepped out in the rain with a little lipstick on her leg. This look was much ridiculed. Urfi had also shared a video where he said he had to “go to the airport or something for you”. The user had scolded him a lot for this.

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