Urfi Javed is openly insulted, the poor woman said shamelessly, we have better clothes than you

Urfi Javed Which always stays in the headlines because of her weird pictures. She was photographed in bold cleavage as she stepped out wearing a draped ultra mesh top with beige paint. In such a situation, even netizens were not very happy to see her fashion. He also started commenting fiercely on social networks, what kind of sheet is this, so one did not write that he should wear the sheet, and the other that either Allah give the girl clothes.

Netizens mocked the comments on Instagram

The same model and actress Urfi Javed also posed with some of the same people identified as being worn from her previous outings. And then the dialogue between Urfi Javed and the fans was also very interesting. According to the report received by Dhartal TV, Urfi Javed also became a target of trollers for his choice of clothing and most of them ridiculed him by calling his wardrobe worst.

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The poor woman made fun of Urfi’s clothes

While Urfi Javed was clicking his picture in his clothes, at the same time some poor women passing by stopped and looked at Urfi. Then after some time when he is not living with him he talks to Urfi and says this How are you dressed like that, shame on youThen the same other woman says to Urfi, “You have nicer clothes than you, then we belong to the poor.Hearing all this Urfi starts laughing and laughing but in reality Urfi gets humiliated.

Urfi Javed

Urfi Javed designs tehelka with dressing sense

There is no doubt about it because Javed is very adventurous in his style. She also creates panic with her dress sense on many occasions. At the same time, the actress left the airport with the pants unbuttoned. In this way, everyone’s eyes were drawn even more. At the same time, she is seen stepping out in a ripped denim jacket that was too small to give a flash of a light pastel colored bra.

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Urfi Javed
Urfi Javed is openly insulted, the poor woman said shamelessly, we have better clothes than you

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