Urfi Javed revealed why he shared the daring video..

Urfi Javed: Today everyone knows Urfi Javed who became an internet sensation after ‘Bigg Boss OTT’. Urfi, who became famous for her fashion sense, is everywhere these days. The actress has been working in this industry for 8 years, but until this moment neither anyone knew her nor she had a job. Urfi gained most popularity only after coming to Big Boss, Urfi keeps sharing her pictures on social media, her Instagram account is full of her hot pictures and videos.

Fans often look forward to the new looks of the social media sensation aka Javed. Everyone is excited that Urfi will come up with a new experiment this time. Urfi surprises users by sharing different types of posts every day.

Urfi recently shared a video of herself wrapping herself in wire and getting her makeup done properly. Urfi was trolled for this video, now the actress has revealed why she made such a video. Urfi gave the reason behind sharing the video by sharing the post.

While sharing her video, Urfi wrote – There is a meaning behind this video, how Indian women are given shiny jewels and roses to look beautiful on their wedding, but in reality they can’t even walk or spread their wings. This is not true for all women of our generation, but it is true for the older generation.

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