Urfi Javed Targeted By Sharpshooter Screenshots Shared

Urfi Javed: Urfi Javed, the famous actress who made headlines for her uncomfortable clothes, continues to wreak havoc on the internet every day. Actress Urfi Javed who is in everyone’s eyes from the famous controversial show Big Boss on the small screen keeps doing new experiments on herself everyday and seeing her pictures everyone goes crazy, Urfi Javed has a lot to watch. bold and her pictures are going viral every day, Urfi Javed is seen doing trending rolls. Urfi Javed recently hit the headlines, actually the reason for this is that he has received death threats.

Urfi Javed himself gave this information, he received death threats on social media. He shared complete information related to this on Insta Story. Urfi not only told people about it but also shared the seriousness of the matter on Insta Story by sharing some screenshots. In fact, according to Urfi, someone tried to make a video call with him in the middle of the night, but he did not pick up the phone, after which someone sent him a YouTube video of the arrest of a sharpshooter of gangster Thilu Tajpuria gang. At this Urfi asked who they were. At the same time, in another screenshot, Urfi Javed wrote that he will not be afraid of anyone. From this chat it is revealed that this person demands Urfi to remove a person’s picture but Urfi confronts him fearlessly.

urfi post 1 Urfi Javed is the target of a sharp shooter screenshot shared

urfi post 2 Sharp shooter targets Urfi Javed screenshots shared

Urfi Javed is so beautiful that everyone goes crazy seeing her. Urfi Javed fans are very strong, every day different types of videos and pictures like Urfi Javed are getting more and more viral. Bigg Boss OTT fame aka Javed who is known for her extravagant fashion.

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