URFI JAVED tied the top a little like a handkerchief with a very thin string, seeing the picture, the pupils of the eyes will become big

URFI JAVED tied the top, as small as a handkerchief, with a very thin string: Urfi Javed has become a social media guru. His pictures and videos are circulating on social media every day. Urfi Javed is making a lot of headlines with his unique style. Urfi Javed fans love his look a lot. There are also trolls.

Urfi Javed’s fan following on social media is increasing day by day. His unusual fashion sense makes him go viral instantly. Urfi shared a picture of herself wearing a very short top on her Instagram story a few days ago.

Recently in an Instagram story, Urfi Javed shared a picture with fans in which he is wearing a very short green top. Urfi Javed’s top is tied with a very thin string. Urfi is seen in a very bold style in this picture.

Even before that, Urfi was trolled for her unusual clothes. However, Urfi does not compromise on his fashion sense. Every day she continues to share photos and videos on social networks. A few days ago, Urfi shared a video of herself wearing cotton candy as a dress.

As Urfi says, she is doing all this of her own free will and for the sake of her family. Urfi’s Instagram account is full of such photos and videos. She believes that her talent is just as important as her clothes.

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