Urfi Javed: Urfi Javed who always looks bold shared her Aadhaar card picture, you will laugh after seeing the picture

Urfi Javed: Known for her bold outfits and hot style, TV actress Urfi Javed knows what to post on social media to create buzz around her. Let us tell you that some time ago Urfi put something in the Instagram story option which no one expected and seeing which people were quite shocked.

Urfi showed the photo of his Aadhaar card to a friend and then when he posted a story about it, Urfi reposted the story. Urfi who is always in bold style looks like in her Aadhaar card, let’s see…

Urfi dressed in bold clothes looks like this in Aadhaar card!

As we just told you, Urfi Javed revealed his Aadhaar card by re-sharing the story of one of his friends. In the photo, Urfi has hidden the Aadhaar card details with her own hands, but her own photo is clearly visible. In this picture, Urfi is posing without makeup and it is very difficult to recognize her.

Urfi Javed himself showed the photo


In this picture that Urfi posted, you can see that Urfi has no makeup on and not only that, her clothes here are also quite daring. In her Aadhaar card picture, Urfi is wearing a strappy top or dress which is blue or purple in color. Please tell that this picture might be a bit old because Urfi looks very young in it.

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