Urfi Javed wore a dress made from a razor blade, people said how much they were cut.

Urfi JavedActress and social media sensation urfi javed Fans of the new looks are eagerly waiting. Everyone is excited that this time Warfi Javed Will you come up with a new experiment? Wearing more daring clothes than most people can imagine for Atrangi fashion Urfi Javed It surprised everyone. Your senses will be blown away when you see the new outfit of Urfi Javed, who wears a dress sometimes with a chain, sometimes with a safety pin. You have to tell yourself once Oh my dear! What have you seen!

People were shocked by Urfi Javed’s razor dress

Yes, Urfi Javed’s dedication to fashion will also make you go crazy for him. This dress can be dangerous for the actress wearing it. What is Urfi wearing today? Urfi Javed this time wears a dress which razor blade Made by. Have you lost your senses? According to the report of Dhartal TV alias Javed Iqloti is one such celebrity who has the guts to wear a dress made from a razor blade. Urfi’s new outfit is a clear indication that she can go to any lengths to make a style statement.

While sharing the picture with this bang, Urfi Javed wrote in the caption – I made the perfect dress for introverts. This dress is made from a razor blade. I am extremely grateful to my team for helping me realize my crazy ideas. I can cross all boundaries to be a fashion icon.

urfi javed wears something unique fashion
Urfi Javed wore a dress made from a razor blade, people said how much they were cut.

People said how much did you cut?

Urfi shared a video of herself in a dress made of razor blades. In the video he a stern look It shows. The actress’ video is getting a lot of reactions. Commenting on the video, Urfi’s friend said that you should not wear a Eid dress because no one will get a hug. Meanwhile, a user wrote – How many people came out and killed them? Another user commented in a joking mood – “Ab tak kitne ka ka kata ho ho?”.

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