Urfi: Urfi Javed crossed the line, covered his private part with the help of a glass of wine, you will be shocked to see the video

Urfi Javed: Urfi Javed often stays in the headlines for her dressing sense, seeing her unusual fashion, the beat of good people gets faster. Urfi once again came into limelight for her unique dressing style. By the way, this time the actress was not wearing a dress at all.

In fact, Urfi has done a new photoshoot this time, Urfi is seen topless and braless with a weird hairstyle in the video. Not only that, this time Urfi uses only glass to cover his honor.

Urfi Javed has once again shared a very bold video in which he is back in a nude, topless look. Please say this is not the first time Urfi has posed like this.

Not only that, Urfi has adopted a strange hairstyle in this look. Just a few days ago, the actress made such a unique dress with two mobile phones and a data cable, seeing that fans went into a frenzy.

This time, Urfi has propped up a wine glass to cover her breasts and sitting topless in front of the camera, a table is placed in front of Urfi where she hides her breasts with the help of glass. Please say that in the video Urfi is holding these glasses with both his hands. Fans are shocked to see this video and people are making obscene comments about this video.

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