Video: Netaji was supposed to romance Mehbooba

New Delhi: Sometimes a person has a love affair with his girlfriend and sees the wife, then it becomes difficult to guess what will happen. Seeing all this, the wife’s anger could not help but rise to the seventh heaven. A similar incident came to light from Kanpur, UP, the video of which is going viral.

In Kanpur, a BJP leader fell in love with a woman from his own party and indulged in an overnight romance. Seeing all this, Netaji’s wife became furious and hit her with a slipper. Seeing all this, people also came to see the fun. Romantic Netaji’s name is called as Mohit.

He started beating Mohit with slippers and also abused him a lot. The incident is from Saturday late evening. The video of this beating went viral on social media. According to the information, when BJP leader Mohit Sonkar was beaten, police also came there at that time. Mohit’s wife was so angry that she continued to beat her husband, ignoring the police. Mohit’s wife and in-laws also beat BJP leader Bindu Goel.

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