Viral video: Karishma Tanna’s friends committed obscene acts on the roadside

Viral “video

New Delhi: A video of famous TV industry actress Karishma Tanna has surfaced. Which are becoming more and more viral on social networks. In the viral video, when Karishma Tanna came with some of her friends at night, the cameras zoomed in to film them, but here a couple who went out with the actress (her boyfriend) started kissing each other in front of the cameras. Due to which Karishma Tanna and her friends were furiously insulted on social media. In such a situation, the actress also started laughing and got embarrassed and blushed herself. After which this couple left from there again. This video of Karishma Tanna was shared by Vompel on her Instagram account. In which she was seen in a crop top.

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