Viral Video: Shilpi Raj Got Married? Maang was seen wearing a mangalsutra around red, see viral video

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In Shilpi Raj’s song, Neelam Giri wore a mangalsutra around her neck dressed in red:- Bhojpuri among the most active social media usersThe actress is Neelam Giri. His photos and videos often make waves on social networks. She is known for her dancing and expressions as an actress. He appears in every song or dance video. His fans are looking forward to it.

His dance videos are creating a lot of buzz. The result of this is that now his latest dance video is going viral. In Shilpi Raj’s ‘Hariyar Bindiya’ she shows off some amazing dance moves. Fans like this a lot.

Neelam Giri’s dance moves were amazing
This dance video was shared by Neelam Giri on her Instagram account. In this picture, she is seen in the costume of a married woman. Her mangalsutra around her neck, red saree and mangalsutra around her neck make her look very beautiful.

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