VIRAT-ANUSHKA ANNIVERSARY: Some special photos from their anniversary have gone viral, see their photos


Yesterday, December 11, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli completed five years of marriage. Both of them wished in a different way. Both celebrated their wedding anniversary by sharing their romantic photos. The pictures of both of them are going very viral and their fans liked them immensely and both the couples got a lot of comments.

share photos and comment

Anushka Sharma shared many pictures, she shared these pictures about her love. Anushka also said that what better day than this to post our lovely pictures to celebrate our anniversary. Anushka Sharma posted 7 photos and also mentioned a caption with each photo.

Tell us what each picture mentions –

In the first picture – I know you’re always behind me.

In the second picture – We always have love for each other in our hearts, we are lucky to have each other.

In the third photo – you are resting in the hospital on the first day of my long and excruciating labor pains.

In the fourth picture – us with a good taste for things.

In the fifth photo – a photo of a random friend.

In the sixth picture – You make most of my pictures unpostable with your weird expressions.

In the seventh picture – Happy anniversary of our marriage, my love – today, tomorrow and always.


Virat’s response to Anushka’s post

Virat reacted very well to this post of Anushka. Reacting Virat said this – You sure have my best pic. There are many reactions from his fans, all wishing him a happy 5th wedding anniversary.


Virat also shared some pictures

Virat shared his romantic peak with Anushka on social media and Virat wrote in the post that – 5 years since the journey into eternity, I feel very lucky to have you, I love you with all my heart. Five years have passed since their wedding, they got married on 11th December 2021. They both have a daughter named Vamika. The two have been happy with each other for years.


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