What To Include In QR Code Business Card For Better Visibility & Response

 At Aikyaam.com, you can create visually stunning and advanced aCard for your business using a digital card designing tool. Getting a QR code business card by signing up with them can help your brand stay ahead of businesses that are still using traditional paper cards.

When a digital business card with a QR code is scanned, it allows people to access information that is vital for your brand. Switching to vCards offers numerous advantages, but you must be aware of the things that are necessary to include in a QR-coded business card.

To make your vCard QR code more appealing to users, here I will cover a few useful points. After going through this post I hope you can design clutter-free aCards with QR codes for improved response rate and better visibility for your business. 

Points to Remember While Designing Business Card with a QR Code

A well-designed aCard can speak a lot about your business without consuming much space on your client’s Smartphone or any other Internet-enabled device. QR codes allow presenting unlimited business information on your digital card without consuming much space. 

Here are a few important things that can help you design the best QR code electronic business card.

  1. Relevant Details

When you want to design a digital card that can be scanned using a distinguishable QR code, always add essential details of your brand or business. This can include brand or company name, first and last name of the correspondent if any, phone number, email address, website URL, social media handles, location details, etc. By providing relevant information you can help more people find your brand and share the details with others who might be interested in your business.  

  1. Interactive Elements

QR codes can be put on business cards to serve different functions like scanning for payments, accessing business numbers or email for instant actions, opening a particular landing page, and many more things. Therefore, you need to include tailor components in your card that can serve the purposes for which you want to use vCards with QR codes. 

Providing essential elements on the business card can help customers or business clients connect with your brand easily. It can be as simple as including a map location on the QR code business card so your company’s location details can be easily accessed before initiating any communication. 

  1. Color & Logo

Many companies add their logos to make their aCards look distinct, which can help peers and customers identify the business or brand from the QR code. Also, it is recommended to try different shapes or highlight the QR code by adding specific colors that can align with your business. Some brands pick colors from their branding palette to create unique and attractive QR code vCards.

  1. Breathing Space

You should always check whether the breathing space is appropriate or not in your QR code when included in business cards. Remember that your QR code might not work appropriately if there are issues with the frame or breathing space on your card. Hence, you must always choose a reliable QR code generating tool or software from agencies like Aikyaam to design workable aCards. 

  1. Powerful Call-to-Action

Adding well-designed QR codes on business cards can offer numerous benefits to both the brands and users. But for making the cards more impactful and motivate customers to use the QR code, including a CTA can always help. When you include CTA, it makes the objective of scanning the QR code more clear to the people who want to connect with your business.   

Therefore, QR codes are essential for business cards, as they can serve as scanning as well as a marketing tool for your brand. With the advanced digital card design tool available on Aikyaam, you can create a QR code business card to improve your business’s outreach and customer base.