When fans saw Priya’s picture, their senses were blown away. It looks like a copy of the line

Line She was a successful actress of her time. Bhanurekha Ganesan Born October 10, 1954 happened on He Line Known as. Line One of the most talented actors in Bollywood movies. Line there is Telugu movie Rangula Ratnam She began her career as a child actress in 1970 movie of Savan Bhadon He made his debut in Hindi cinema with In 2010 he was awarded by the Government of India. Padma Shri was awarded. Line mother’s name Pushpavali and father’s name Ganesan twins Well.

Reka’s father had affairs with three other women

is said, that Line His father did not marry his mother. Line Her parents are famous names in south films. Jaimini Ganesan was married and had relationships with three other women. Line He has seven sisters and one brother. Line All the sisters maintain a good relationship with each other.

Priya is very active on social media

Line has a sister named Kamala Selvaraj who is a doctor. Priya Selvaraj Kamala’s daughter. Priya is a doctor like her mother and is known by many names in Chennai. Line niece of Priya Rekha It looks like a copy. loved ones She is very active on social media and Instagram But there are many pictures of him.

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People said it was a copy of Rekha

Apart from his family photo, he has shared many photos of himself. Fans see his picture Line are missing. Many people have written on his picture, this Line is a copy of.

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Seeing Rekha’s niece, fans’ senses were blown away.

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