When Kangana Ranaut was the victim of a rising moment, the inside of her bra was caught on camera

Kangana Ranaut who is crowned as the Queen of Bollywood is often in the headlines for her controversial statements, Kangana Ranaut is known for her bold and powerful avatar. Kangana Ranaut is outspoken about every issue, which is why she has to be a victim of trolling many times.

And many times fans shower her with lots of love for her impeccable style, there are many heroines in Bollywood today but when it comes to Kangana Ranaut, everything is heroine, water becomes less tea, Kangana with the power of her explosive acting. Kangana has earned a good name in Bollywood today, a recent video of Kangana is going viral, what is this video, find out..

Kangana Ranaut heads to Delhi for afternoon swearing-in ceremony 3

Kangana is very stylish, sometimes turning Indian creates havoc in a salwar suit and sometimes sets social media on fire wearing daring clothes That an actress has fallen victim to an Oops moment.

bu0ee2y5t6r61 When Kangana Ranaut fell victim to a rise moment, the inside of her bra was caught on camera

A video from a few days ago is going viral on social media. When Kangana was leaving the airport, at that time she unbuttoned her shirt and made her look a bit stylish, but the clothes she wore under the shirt were very transfer and it was all caught on camera.

This is not the first time an actress has been trolled for her dress, many times the actress has been seen feeling uncomfortable due to wearing the outfit.

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