When Rishi Kapoor’s house was destroyed because of Katrina Kaif, there was a rift in the family

Well-known Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif is known in every household today because she has earned a lot of fame and money through movies. Katrina Kaif is married to famous actor Vicky Kaushal. In such a situation, if seen, Katrina Kaif’s name is associated not only with Vicky Kaushal but also with many other actors.

If we talk about Katrina Kaif affair then names like Salman Khan Ranbir Kapoor are also involved in it but she married Vicky Kaushal. Once upon a time, Ranbir Kapoor’s father Rishi Kapoor had said something big about Katrina.

In these things, Rishi Kapoor said that because of Katrina, his house was destroyed and the happiness of the entire house was also stolen. Rishi Kapoor himself had said this thing and also said that because of Katrina, his own son doesn’t even speak to Ranveer Kapoor directly.

Also, Rishi Kapoor while talking about his son Ranbir’s love story had also said that my son has also vacated a room in the house to be with Katrina.

After some time he left the house himself and went away. His mother had explained a lot to him, but he did not agree and started living in another house with Katrina. This statement of Rishi Kapoor clearly shows how the happiness of the Kapoor family is ruined because of Katrina.

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